Beginning with the Fly Tyers Symposium in the fall of 2018 & the Fly Tying show in 2019 I will no longer be exhibiting my products.  This is a difficult decision since I've attended these events for over 2 decades.  The simple truth is: the shows have gotten too expensive to justify my attendance.

I won't miss the long drives down & home, the 3+ hours of set up & breakdown, sleeping in hotel rooms, and eating over-priced hotel food.  the one thing I will miss is all the customers with whom I became friends with over all these years.  I'll miss seeing and talking with all of you more than you know.  So, I'll take this opportunity to thank you all for your patronage but, more importantly, for your friendship.

No, I'm not going out of business.  You can still purchase capes via mail with our 100% guarantee.  I just no longer be in attendance at the Fly Tying shows.

thank you all again for your many years of loyal support.