I want to clear up this nonsense that is spreading around the internet about me and what I do.


I guess the latest rumor started because I missed the fly fishing show in Edison, NJ.  I only missed the show because I had to stay home and tend to my flock as my friend who usually helps me out unfortunately blew out his knee.  Whether I do shows in the future is currently up in the air, but I'll state this as simply as I can: they'll find me dead in a chicken coop one day because I still love what I do as much as the day I started in this business 38 years ago.

Yes, I'm still crazy.  Yes, I'm getting older.  But NO, I am not getting out of the business I love so much.  I'll always be happy to mail-order whatever you need with my money back guarantee (as always).

Thank you for all of your concerns, but I look forward to serving the fly tying community for years to come.  THE RUMORS OF MY DEMISE HAVE BEEN GREATLY EXAGERATED!


PS: If you ever hear an unsubstantiated rumor, just give me a call.  I've always been honest with folks--sometimes to an individual's displeasure--but I always try to give a straight answer.  Don't listen to the wrong end of the horse when you can get it straight from the horse's mouth.